Tax Season / by David Byrd-Marrow


Now is the time when we all get to reflect on how much money we did not save last year. Or perhaps you did. I didn't. I mean I did but not on purpose, so it doesn't count, right? We (the children of the evil 1099) also get to see how much we actually didn't make, despite misleading check amounts. 

Given the amount of extra time that we citizens of the eastern United States have been received, thanks to all sorts of crap weather, I suspect that the IRS won't make its late-fee nut this year. Pity. 

But this is not a rant!

This is the beginning of my new blog, "When I Can't Sleep". I get the feeling that there are a lot of blogs out there with this title. So confuse away. I imagine that the only times you'll end up here are when you can't sleep. Perhaps I should reconsider the name? "When you can't sleep??"

In any case, I should mention a dream I had last night:


I was in Sweden. I had just won a job with an orchestra there, and it was pretty miserable, although I'm not sure why. Something about food. Lutefisk?? I just had reconstructive surgery a week ago Friday, so maybe that had something to do with my state of mind. It's amazing how, when you have reconstructive surgery on your ACL, everything revolves around that one thing. I wanted gummy bears, but they were all the way in the kitchen, so I had to muster up an olympic amount of determination to get them. I should also mention that the Angry Birds brand of gummy bears is the best. On a tangent of the same note, the "sharing size" of M&M's assumes a most generous society.

Anyway, my dream isn't that important. And why should I blame Sweden for my leg pain? What's important is that I've started this thing, and then you can get to know me better than if we are just friends on Facebook.