What I'm On / by David Byrd-Marrow

What I'm on, right now:

Having been relatively immobile has left me time to do things that I might otherwise pass on. I'm finding it to be an interesting time, so I thought I might share some of these jewels.

The Telegraph/UK

The Telegraph/UK

1. Hannibal
Thank you Matt Marks. While I can't really bring myself to "recommend" this show, due to some pretty obscene content, I. Can't. Stop. Watching. I'm attracted to things that look good on screen (This reminds me that I want to watch the new 'Cosmos', a remake of Carl Sagan's journey through space). Hannibal is very pretty to look at, and the organization of the plots more than make up for the slight deviation from believability. I am more than willing to discuss.


The Guardian

The Guardian

2. Bill Dixon
At the recommendation of a friend, I've been taking a deeper look into the experimental music of the late 20th century. Specifically, artists with a Jazz background. At the moment I've been on Bill Dixon. I really like it and get it, but the child of the 90's me and the student of classical music me are having a discussion, mainly on wether his music is too long to be so mono. The open-minded artsy me is thinking that this isn't the point. Undetermined.



3. The Future of the Mind
I'm reading Michio Kaku's book right now, on a whim. I saw him on the Daily Show last week and decided to check it out. He talks about he enhancements scientists are making in reading/understanding the brain. It's a bit of a disappointment so far. The book only  touches on topics that I wouldn't mind digging into. You can't blame Michio, though. Writing technically specific pieces for laymen is a sensitive endeavor. Not bad though, makes me want to check out other books on the subject. 6.5/10



4. Beard
Let me start by saying that I don't support what has happened to the beard. I remember, in middle and high school, boys would try their best to grow out facial hair. Even the most singular strands in places that didn't make any sense were worn with an impenetrable shield of pride. It was just a phase that I assume lots of 14-17 year old kids used to go through. Now kids don't do that, because the Justin Biebers of the world don't do it. However, the kids I went to school with who did it...well they never stopped. And now they're trouncing around my town, making it look like a hoe down had a baby with Comic-Con.


About a week into my recovery (ACL) I decided (after several emotional crests of optimism, and troughs of depression spent mourning the fragile human shell) that I needed a constant. A timeline to remind me of the healing passage of time.

I decided this in front of the mirror.

So that is why I will have the beard until my first jog. Or until I can't stand the thought of being confused for the 30 year old pre-teens described earlier. Not sure about head hair, but we'll see...